Ideas for a Happy Easter Long Weekend

Are you ready for Easter? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Let’s kick off our Easter inspiration with some classic Easter-time recipes. Check out this recipe for traditional Hot Cross buns. For something a little different, why not try this Dried Cherry Hot Cross Buns recipe? Or maybe you prefer something a little less traditional, like Easter Doughnuts or Biscuits covered in edible flowers? Don’t rule them out until you at least try them! Because who doesn’t love a doughnut?

And what happens if you don’t like chocolate? Does your family do gifts at Easter instead?

For the non-chocolate houses, we have some great book recommendations. Check out our easter-themed books or this older collection of 12 Kids’ books with Easter in mind. And not all of our recommendations are just for the kids! We also recommend this book with chocolate-free Easter recipe ideas for all the family.

But how can we keep the kids entertained and off their screens? Why not get them to decorate some Easter homemade biscuits? Or get them involved in Easter baking by getting them to help you make these yummy Easter Bunny cookies.

You could also try occupying the kids during the long weekend with these fun Easter activities to bring some happiness (and sanity) to your Easter holidays.

Enjoy your break!

From the Childmags Team