What’s on at the movies for these school holidays?

Looking for some movies for the days when holidays become too much and a little quiet time is required?

Here are a few of our suggested new family movies. You can find reviews on some home/streamed movies from people with child development expertise at Children and Media Australia. Also, note Sensory Screenings are available for those who have sensory concerns.

Going to the movies:

With its extensive presence across Australia, HOYTS is here to save the day during the school holidays. With over 490 screens and 59,000 seats, they have a thrilling lineup of blockbuster movies to entertain kids of all ages. Parents won’t be left out either, as the iconic Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Rated M).

Stephanie Mills, HOYTS’ Director of Sales, Marketing, and Content, is excited about the highly anticipated sequels and new characters hitting the big screen. Alongside Indiana Jones, the seventh instalment of the Transformers franchise, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (Rated M), will have advance screenings starting June 12. Additionally, there are new releases such as Disney Pixar’s Elemental (Rated PG), which follows the story of Wade challenging Ember’s beliefs in Element City, and DC Studios’ The Flash (Rated M), where Barry’s time-travelling superpowers inadvertently alter the future.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid Rated (Rated PG) in 3D is a must-watch. It offers stunning underwater visuals and Halle Bailey’s mesmerizing vocals, making it a treat for fans of the original. Younger family members will also enjoy the animated/cartoon film Cats in the Museum (Rated G), which explores the lives of the four-legged residents of the St Petersburg Winter Palace. Also, look for this heartwarming story of a young boy and his dog in Belle & Sebastian: The Next Generation (Rated PG) and, lastly,  Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Rated PG).

Sensory Screenings, held on Sunday mornings, create a safe and welcoming environment for children and adults with sensory concerns, with dimmed lights and softened volume.

Stephanie recommends taking advantage of HOYTS Rewards perks during the school holidays. Membership is free and offers daily ticket discounts and HOYTS points that can be redeemed for movie tickets, food, drinks, and gift cards, among other benefits.

For more information about HOYTS’ school holiday offerings, visit their website.

Streaming or Movies at home?

Parents can now check Flicks online to help solve the universal pain point of not knowing what to watch. Flick’s partnership with Children and Media Australia is a step to help time-poor parents discover the best and most suitable movies for children.

The Children and the Media reviews describe a movie’s plot, and list the content that can scare, is violent, and deals with mature themes, sexual references and other problematic issues. The reviewers, who all have expertise in child development, provide an age recommendation – this is the age from which children are most likely to enjoy the movie without risk of harm.

Enjoy a memorable movie experience with your family this holiday season!

For a guide to what the rating mean see Classifications

Contribute to a Survey: Uni South Australia, Dr Fae Heaselgrave’s survey results will help shape future policy about media classification in Australia. see: Parent survey about media ratings