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As the new school year starts, parents are often busy with new school shoes, covering schoolbooks and hunting out the right lunchboxes and pencil cases to get their children through. by Associate Professor Dani Tomlin, Dr Christine Nearchou, Dr Miya St John, Dr Peter Carew and...

When a child has a positive role model, they are likely to engage in constructive actions like the person they look up to.  When it comes to role models for kids, Taylor Swift is probably not the first name that springs to mind. After all, she's...

Team Taylor – why Swift’s brand works so well There is no escaping Taylor Swift, writes Louise Grimmer. Even if you try to ignore the star, she is currently everywhere.  On the airwaves, on playlists, streaming services, social media, in the news, on the big screen and...

Reseracher Judith Weis suggests how you can clean your clothes more sustainably Microplastics are turning up everywhere, from remote mountain tops to deep ocean trenches. They also are in many animals, including humans. The most common microplastics in the environment are microfibers – plastic fragments shaped like...

Rubble & Crew has partnered with CHILD Mags to give 4 lucky subscribers the opportunity to win a prize pack valued at $100 each. Bring the excitement of PAW Patrol’s Rubble & Crew series to life with four new Rubble & Crew construction vehicle toys. As...

 Parents aren’t to blame for their child’s symptoms, writes Cher McGillivray, the aim of training is to teach parents skills to meet the above-average parenting needs of children with ADHD. Problems with focus and impulse control can be common developmental stages through which children and adolescents...

Lauren Ball and Katelyn Barnes ask "Pickle, anyone?" From pickles and french fries to oranges and ice cream, women and other people who are pregnant report craving a range of foods while they’re expecting. A food craving is a strong urge to eat a specific food. The...

Supporting them to work together could help, report  researchers Andrew Kingsford-Smith,  Hoa Nguyen,  Rebecca J Collie  and Tony Loughland Australia is in the grips of a teacher shortage “crisis” according to Education Minister Jason Clare. Federal education department modelling shows there will be a high school teacher...

Research by Associate Professor Collie into factors supporting teacher wellbeing is not only shaping policies but also offering practical strategies for schools to enhance teacher wellbeing based on evidence. Understanding the challenges teachers face, such as time pressure and disruptive student behavior, is crucial. However, fostering...

Refreshing gazpacho is perfect summer food, writes Roberta Muir. You can make a jug of it to keep in the fridge for cooling, healthy snacks. It makes a delicious start to a summer meal, is great in shot glasses for parties, and is perfect with an...