Book reviews: 8 new books for the Under 5’s

Some fun books this month for the littlies with plenty of favourites to choose from.

What do you call your grandmaWhat Do You Call Your Grandma?

by Ashleigh Barton and Martina Heiduczek (HarperCollins publishers H/b RRP $19.99)

Every Grandma has a special name and that’s part of the fun when you become a Grandma! Each page of this delightfully illustrated book has a different Grandma playing or doing something with a grandchild. They each have a special cultural name for their Grandma and luckily all 13 names are all identified from where they come at the end of the book!  “Elegant dresses and shiny shoes, drawers so full-how does she choose? She’s a beauty and has glamour. Katrin calls her grandma Amma” (Amma is Icelandic).

Little Owl's bathtimeLittle Owl’s Bath Time

by Debbie Gliori and illustrated by Alison Brown (Bloomsbury Children’s Books P/b RRP $12.99) Also Little Owl’s First Day reviewed

This is the 4th Little Owl book. This time Mummy Owl is trying to get Little Owl to have a bath before bedtime. Little Owl has no intention of having one and comes up with lots of excuses as to why he cannot! (Sound familiar!) Mummy Owl creates an adventure bath with lots of bubbles and ‘invisible’ animals hiding in the bath along with the bath toys and even though the bath gets cold (you guessed it) Little Owl is having so much fun he doesn’t want to get out!

The Dont Panic GangThe Don’t Panic Gang

by Mark Sperring illustrated by Sarah Warburton (Bloomsbury Children’s Books P/b RRP $22.99)

Three unlikely heroes put on their ‘superhero’ outfits and leap into action as soon as a call for help comes through. “Don’t panic” they cry, “we’ll be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail”. This is a very funny book about an unlikely ‘ordinary looking bunch’ who live on a rooftop and rescue creatures from…well that would give it away! The illustrations add to the comedy of this all-action book and the ending is perfect!

The World made A RainbowThe World Made a Rainbow

by Michelle Robinson illustrated by Emily Hamilton (Bloomsbury Children’s Books P/b RRP $14.99)

Inspired by the rainbows that children drew and placed in their windows during the COVID period, this book talks to small children about being lonely, in Lockdown and missing their connections with friends and family.

Let’s paint a big rainbow to put on display.

When people pass by it and see it, they’ll say…

‘All rainstorms must end, and this rainstorm will too’

And they will feel a bit happier, all thanks to you.

Can you do this?Can You Do This?

by Michael Wagner illustrated by Heath McKenzie (HarperCollins Publishers H/b RRP$19.99)

Sibling rivalry books are popular this month as we have recently reviewed another one. The little brother in this book tries very hard to ‘show off’ the things he can do to his big brother which get more outrageous at the turn of every page! As the typical older brother looks on, you can just hear him commenting: “yep” “too easy” “I do that stuff in my sleep” as he casually looks on!

amira-s-suitcaseAmira’s Suitcase

by Vikki Conley and illustrated by Nikki Johnston (New Frontier Children’s Books H/b RRP $24.99)

An old suitcase in a room intrigues Amira. There’s something poking out of it. It’s a little seeding that Amira befriends. “Amira smiled at the sprout. She felt something blossom deep inside of her.” Set in a shanty township, Amira and her friends watch it grow. Other children join and add seeds with Amira. They develop a small world around the seedlings as they watch them grow. The illustrations are beautifully sensitive and bring this sweet story of friendship, kindness and hope to life.

the-best-mumThe Best Mum

by Penny Harrison and illustrated by Sharon Davey (New Frontier Children’s Books H/b RRP $24.99

‘My friends have the BEST mums. I’m hoping I might trade.” This little girl sees all the perfect mums that her friends seem to have and wishes her mum was like them. Sometimes her mum embarrasses her! “My mum likes Opera. She’s says it keeps her calm. But when she tries to sing along, it’s like our car alarm.” Cute illustrations bring all the mums and their ‘specialities’ to life. We know who has the best mum in the end, don’t we!

ten-little-yoga-frogs10 Yoga Frogs

by Hilary Robinson and illustrated by Mandy Stanley (New Frontier Children’s Books Catch a Star imprint P/b RRP $14.99)

This is a hilarious counting book – perfect to read aloud to littlies with the added bonus of Yoga poses that everyone can do as you read along! “5 yoga frogs Sitting on sticks, Nix joined in and then there were…” (Yoga position ‘Garland Pose’!)