Just-in-case Gift Guide

It’s never a bad idea to have a gift or two wrapped under the tree for those unexpected guests that pop in during the holiday season.

Christmas is a busy time with extended family and friends visiting during the festive season. I think it’s safe to say most people worry about being gifted something and not having a present on hand to return the favour.

So we have wrapped up some of our own tried and tested ‘just in case’ gift ideas you can have ready for those unexpected visitors.

1) Cookies and Christmas go hand-in-hand. Can you imagine the look on your recipient’s face when they receive some super adorable cookies from your favourite specialty patisserie? Why not buy a batch to have gifts-a-plenty? – Jenna 

down to the woods - little paper lane

2) Christmas decorations are my favourite easy gift, this one from Little Paper Lane is so cute! – Babs 

Just in case gift guide on child mags blog

3) You can’t go past the gift of nature – the perfect pressie for an extended family member or a friendly neighbour. I’m a big fan of these Japanese hanging plants called Kokedama. – Jenna


4) Or you could go old school with a classic game. Who doesn’t love Cluedo? No one, that’s who. – Daisy


5) I know it’s an old favourite, the decorator candle; but at Christmastime, what beats a beautiful scented one!? – Kim

Black Winking Eye Zip Pouch - Project ten 6) This Project Ten Black Winking Eye Zip Pouch is perfect for something little. – Lana

'Just in case' Gift Guide on child mags blog

7) These plastic bag organisers are genius! It’s the storage device that you don’t know you need but will absolutely use. Anyone will love this easy to make at home. – Jenna

designer drink bottle - memo bottle - glass

8) How cool is this Memo Bottle? Perfect for the person who has everything, or the person you have nothing for. – Lana

quote_cards_set_of_12_sweet_2017 kikik

9) These Quote Cards from kikki.K are both gorgeous and inspirational. – Daisy


10) A little packet of fancy tea is also a great option. – Nat

Little paper lane - paper shop Monavale

11) Or this pocket planner from Little Paper Lane – blooms! – Daisy

heirloom tomatoes seeds

12) And finally, a little packet of seeds is perfect for any age! – Nat