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Women need to be part of the picture, too, write researchers Kara Dadswell, Clare Hanlon and Stefan Sambol Ask your son or daughter, niece, or nephew to draw you a picture of a sport coach. They will most probably draw a man. Why? Our latest research published in the...

The reverberations of the COVID-19 pandemic persist, casting a shadow over the lives of young people in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria. A recent report from Monash University's Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice sheds light on the enduring impact of the pandemic on...

In the lead-up to her daughter’s fifth birthday party, Kylie Ladd discovers that politics isn’t just for grown-ups. My daughter Cameron is a party animal—a political party animal—that is, always with her eye on the numbers, ever sensitive to the ebb and flow of support among...

Australian researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) have found a way to predict which children are likely to outgrow their peanut allergy based on changes in antibody levels over time. The study revealed that two-thirds of children with a peanut allergy remain allergic by...

You’ve been ‘volun-told’ to coach junior sport – here’s how to best handle the parents involved by Cassy Dittman,  Michael John O'Keeffe and Steven Rynne With winter sports swinging into action, adults around the country have volunteered or been volunteered by others (humorously known as being “volun-told”)...

No cash, no play?  Vaughan Cruickshank, Brendon Hyndman and Tom Hartley dissect the costs and benefits of organised sport Many Australians have in recent years been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, but what about sports participation? While many Australians and their children enjoy participating in sports, it can...

Researchers Andrew J. Martin, Emma Burns,  Joel Pearson,  Keiko C.P. Bostwick and Roger Kennett suggest eating an unhealthy breakfast could have a similar effect on your child’s school day as having nothing at all. Many parents know it is important for their teenagers to have breakfast...

Ravioli with balsamic vinegar and brown butter is my go-to when I’m really busy but want something delicious (and slightly indulgent) for dinner. It doesn’t get much simpler than three ingredients, but that means they have to be the very best; there’s nowhere for second-rate...

With the new changes about to kick in, Zoe Rathus looks at how they will affect children. In October 2023, the federal parliament passed major changes to how children’s cases are decided under the Family Law Act, which kicks in next month. Among other things, they repeal...

Moving from fairytales to reality, Dolla S. Merrillees reflects on her role as a stepmother. When asked what I would like to be when I grew up, I can’t say I actually aspired to being a divorcee, however glamorous it sounded, or, for that matter, a...