Styling a Garden Soirée

Ever wanted to throw a kid’s birthday party that was a little bit different than the rest, why not go for a garden soirée theme? Let us show you how, it’s much easier than you would think. 

We love the idea of garden parties for kids. There’s just something so whimsical about the whole thing. Sunshine, fruit, pastel colours, fresh flowers and milk bottles, it’s a little bit fancy.

We’ve teamed with Sipahh to create a guide to throwing the perfect garden soirée for kids, but really, these tips would work perfectly for a baby shower also.

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom if you want to know where to find some gorgeous Aussie products to match this theme!

kids garden party soirée

Create a Single Centrepiece

A dessert table against a wall used to be all the rage, but lately we have been seeing a lot more sit-down style tables. We know that kids aren’t really going to sit down for long, but it creates a great focal point to put the cake, balloons flowers etc on. Also, as you’re not trying to fill a whole table with party food, it means less sugar and less baking = winning. Some sort of bunting draped above the table looks awesome, but a handful of helium balloons weighted down will give the same effect for less effort.

*Tip* Make sure the table is super stable, trestles aren’t a good idea. Kids tend to lean and pull on the edges, you don’t want to lose the lot.

kids garden party soirée
Add Flowers

Fresh flowers and fruit always look gorgeous together, and it is a super affordable way to decorate. Before my daughters party, she ran around the backyard cutting flowers and putting them in old glass jars for her table. A five dollar bunch and cuttings from the garden (don’t forget to include leaves) can go a really long way in making the table look super pretty.

*Tip* Don’t put water in the vases, it’s only a few hours so nothing should wilt and this way if (when) they get knocked over nothing spills. 

Decorate and Entertain with Food

Fresh fruit and pretty food is going to make your table look so much better than any sort of party decorations. Berries, melon balls, cupcakes and biscuits can all create a beautiful scene. I also like making the food part of the activities, so if I’m serving cupcakes, the kids decorate them. If we have lollies, they are hidden for a scavenger hunt.

*Tip* Mix up your plates. Instead of having one for each different type of food, put some cupcakes, biscuits and fresh fruit on each. It looks really pretty and means that no matter where your guests are sitting, they can easily reach. 

kids garden party soirée

Go Eclectic

When it comes to setting the table, eclectic is the way to go. Mix glass with enamel, bamboo and paper to get the the right look. Op shops and discount stores are gold mines, and when in doubt…add a doily.

*Tip* If your guests are old enough to read, a name tag or and little gift on each plate is a super cute touch. Think candy necklaces, flavoured milk straws or a thank you note.

kids garden party soirée

Um… cute…kids garden party soirée


Drinks at kids parties can be a bit of a contentious issue, lots of parents = lots of different ideas about what is allowed. In my experience, flavoured milk is usually a hit with most people, and it looks really cute in little bottles too! Sippah milk flavouring straws are a good option as they have less than half a teaspoon of sugar per serve and they come in a bunch of different flavours so the guests can pick what they want.

*Tip* Keep the drinks separate, most spills are going to happen while they are being poured so you want to keep that away from the main fun. You can hire a Milk Bar and get an older sibling or cousin to be in charge of the pouring if the kids are too little to do it themselves.

kids garden party soirée

Don’t Forget the Parents

It’s their weekend too, chances are this isn’t even their first party of the day. Tea, coffee + food that doesn’t have sprinkles on it is a necessity, maybe a cheese platter would go down well? Music made by people who don’t wear skivvies is also a bonus. And if it’s after lunch time, I always offer adult drinks. Champagne + juice and beer usually covers all bases.
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how-to-style-a-kids-garden-party kids garden party soirée

Party Styling and Concept by Lenzo / Still-Life Styling by Jenna Templeton / Words by Barbara O’Reilly