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Good lunchboxes are based on 4 things, reminds researchers Clare Dix  and Stella Boyd-Ford Heading back to school is a time of great anticipation for many families, but it is not without challenges. One of the big challenges is preparing healthy, easy, affordable and appealing lunchboxes. Lunchboxes...

It's a mix of emotions – like excitement, nervousness, or uncertainty - in the lead-up to big changes, writes Shelley Lipshut The leap from primary to secondary school marks a profound milestone in a child's educational journey. It is a juncture teaming with anticipation and trepidation....

Corey Bloomfield looks at how families can use the holidays to lay the groundwork for a more positive school year ahead. These long summer holidays may seem like an extra blessing to families dealing with a child who does not like school or refuses to go. But even...

Kate Highfield has some great tips for parents with children just about to start their schooling journey. Around Australia, about 320,000 children are starting school for the first time. As an early childhood researcher, former kindergarten teacher, and parent of a child beginning school this year,...

What if you could entice your children to eat balanced lunches every day? Originating in Japan, Bento is a home-packed meal in a box-shaped container that holds rice and meats with pickled or cooked vegetables in sectioned compartments. They always look amazing, and if you can get...

Erase messy mistakes with Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens and Markers If, like so many of us, you love being organised and dislike making mistakes, then you’ll love Frixion erasable pens and markers because if you make a mistake or have a change of mind, just erase...

Adam Guastella,  Kelsie Boulton and Natalie Silove guide parents and what they should know about getting a neurodevelopmental assessment With childcare and schools starting the new year, parents might be anxiously wondering how their child will adapt in a new learning environment. Some parents may be concerned...

Whether it’s a new teacher or class – parent and researcher Sarah Jefferson gives insights into what to do when your child is not loving it The first signs were the half-eaten lunches coming home from high school. This was in stark contrast to the primary...

Food Writer, Tracy Rutherford works for taste.com.au and has developed some great recipes during her career! ~This Lunch box idea  includes Choc-Orange Energy Balls for active kids. ~Not sure what to pack for your kids’ lunches tomorrow? Try this idea as a healthy alternative to bread ~This tasty...

As Susan Macciocca’s son begins school, both she and her son are learning to let go. My son watches intently as his bike is transformed. He grabs the handlebars and strides with the bike to the footpath. His dad holds him by the shoulders to get...