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As the holidays progress, parents will no doubt be hearing a classic line from their kids: “I’m boooooored”, writes Trevor Mazzucchelli. We all get bored from time to time, and there is nothing particularly wrong with feeling bored. In fact, it is a useful emotion because...

Real-life impact, not diagnosis, should determine NDIS support, write researchers Nancy Sadka and Josephine Barbaro Ahead of the release of the government’s review into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the topic taking centre stage is the diagnosis of autism. Over one third of people accessing...

Joining a local playgroup can give your child the best start. As Australian schools prepare to gather the nation’s latest data on early childhood development next month, early childhood advocates are emphasising the importance of taking action to set children up for success well ahead of...

From whiteboard work to random groups, write Tracey Muir  and Peter Liljedahl, these simple fixes could get students thinking more in maths lessons Australian students’ performance and engagement in mathematics is an ongoing issue. International studies show Australian students’ mean performance in maths has steadily declined since...

Two English neuroscientists, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Suparna Choudhury, point to a remarkable occurrence during infancy that might have echoes in adolescence. Similar to adolescence, during the first 18 months of life there is a surge and then pruning of the brain’s neural connections. Curiously, this sculpting process...

"Research suggests early intervention is linked with better outcomes for children later in life,” said Kirrilie Smout, clinical child psychologist and founder of Calm Kid Central. Recent research commissioned by HCF, Australia's largest not-for-profit health fund, sheds light on the mental health struggles encountered by Australian...

It's great that so many of our books for small children have won Awards for their authors and their illustrators. Most authors will tell you it's hard to keep writing fresh books for kids that keep them interested and thinking about their world.   Happy All Over by...

Parents say the mental load is crushing, report researchers Kimberley Baxter and Rebecca Byrne. Feeding babies and toddlers can be challenging at the best of times. But when families can’t afford enough food, let alone the recommended range of different coloured vegetables or iron-rich meats, it’s...

On 'World Autism Understanding Day', April 2nd, Professor Andrew Cashin looks at the diversity and the definitions and what has changed. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg describes herself as having Asperger’s while others on the autism spectrum, such as Australian comedian Hannah Gatsby, describe themselves as...

You should focus on these 3 things, write researchers Mihiri Silva, Elodie O'Connor, Rachelle Welti and Sharon Goldfeld One in three Australian children has tooth decay by the time they start school, and this number rises to more than 40% by the time they’re eight or nine. Teeth decay...