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There are going to be many times in your child's life when you won't have control of stopping bad influences. But there are a few solutions that may help some of today's modern-day problems....

At a press conference recently, paralympian Dylan Alcott recalled the pain of being a child with a disability. He said he missed out on childhood friends, writes David Armstrong “I had no friends when I was five,” the Australian of the Year told reporters. “I even...

Lost touch with friends during lockdown? Roger Patulny suggests how to reconnect (and let go of ‘toxic’ ones) As we resume our social lives after strict COVID restrictions have lifted, many of us are finding it’s time to take stock of our friendships. Recent research I’ve been...

This mum believes that sometimes our children will face difficult situations that we will not be able to remove them from; but our job, as parents, is to help them through those hard times. ...

Melissa Cowan reflects on the power of real friendship. "There's someone outside my window. Can you come over?" It was 3am, I was home alone and I was sure there was an intruder outside. I crawled on the floor in the pitch black, got my phone and called my friend Becky, who lived at...

Refreshing cocktails all day? Sign us up! HOW TO: Watermelon Spritz What you’ll need:      1/4 Watermelon      600ml Soda water, chilled      1/2 Bottle Prosecco, chilled (optional)      Juice of 2 limes      1/3 Caster sugar      1/2 Cup boiling water      Ice cubes     ...

When a year four teacher realised the girls in her class needed serious help navigating friendships, she developed this simple and empowering program....