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John W. Luton delights in the rewards of encouraging children to write about their holidays and other special experiences. My wife, Cheryl, and I have always encouraged our children (and our students) to write about their holiday activities, as a means both of preserving memories and...

Jodi Wiley is very keen for books and reading to be as integral to her children’s lives as they are to hers. A whole new world emerges upon becoming a parent. For example, the baby aisle in the supermarket is suddenly relevant: nappy prices are compared...

We know you love books just as much as we do, so we are excited to share with you the most cherished Christmas books as recommended by kids....

Liam Burke, Djoymi Baker, Jessica Balanzategui and Joanna McIntyre look at Bluey and why it is ‘An idealised Australian ethos’:  Bluey, the Emmy award-winning animated series about a family of anthropomorphised cattle dogs, has become a ratings phenomenon since it was first broadcast on the ABC...

We love vintage collections that evoke nostalgic childhood memories. Natalie Ritchie explains why her little collection of teacups brings back time well spent with the women in her family. When I was a child, afternoon tea was a place where so many good things came together...

Samantha Allemann enjoyed playing with dolls for a much longer time than her peers.  When I was 10 and about to go into hospital to get my tonsils removed, Mum bought me a present to soothe the pain: Gymnast Barbie. I was thrilled and made her...

My favourite detective: Trixie Belden was smart and sensitive in the ways that mattered, writes Tanya Dalziell Trixie Belden, girl detective, does not rank in the world’s pantheon of cool sleuths. She’s unlikely to appear in a Coen brothers’ film (à la Marge Gunderson in Fargo...

Confusion surrounds Elizabeth Reed's search for her children's particular requests as she reminisces about the simple Christmas gifts of her past “I can only find the Fairy Ballet Doll.  Is that different to the Fairy Sparkles Ballet doll?” I hear myself ask my sister-in-law over the...

These nostalgic fail-safe toys and Christmas gift ideas have stood the test of time and are still available today. Here are some of my favourites....

Friday essay: need a sitter? Revisiting girlhood, feminism and diversity in The Baby-Sitters Club by Rosslyn Almond The Baby-Sitters Club, the popular series by Ann M. Martin, defined my childhood. I collected the books until I was 11. I played it in the schoolyard (I was...