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No, writes Lisa Mitchell, it’s ageist, whatever Bluey says. A child once approached me, hunched over, carrying a vacuum cleaner like a walking stick. In a wobbly voice, he asked: Do you want to play grannies? The idea came from the children’s TV show Bluey, which has episodes,...

And it’s way too easy for children to access, report Sonja Petrovic and Milovan Savic Explicit content has long been a feature of the internet and social media, and young people’s exposure to it has been a persistent concern. This issue has taken centre stage again with...

Researchers Nigel Howard and Andrew Bills report that schools are often not empowered by education authorities to respond in their own ways. Earlier this month, the ABC reported an alarming national poll about school refusal. Of the 1,000 parents surveyed by the Greens-commissioned poll, 39% agreed...

National Child & Family Hubs Network Revolutionizes Support Services for Australian Families The network brings together expertise from health, early education, NGOs, community organizations, research institutes, universities, philanthropy, and government to strengthen the capacity of the existing 460 Hubs across Australia. The goal is to ensure...

Roberta Muir will be regularly sharing with CHILDmags her delicious recipes for quick and easy family meals, many of which teens can cook on their own, as well as some of her favourite easy sweet treats and special occasion dishes. Baked Salmon with Fennel & Orange Fennel,...

In today's rapidly changing world, mathematics plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Using maths critically allows us to consider complex personal and socio-political issues, such as health, the economy and the environment, says Professor Kim Beswick, Director of the Gonski Institute and Head of the...

Coles Supermarkets is making grocery shopping more inclusive for parents and customers with sensory sensitivities by expanding its popular "Quiet Hour" initiative. Now, customers can enjoy reduced noise levels and a calmer shopping environment from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Quiet Hour Quiet Hour,...

How 22 minutes of exercise a day could reduce the health risks from sitting too long, advise researchers Matthew Ahmadi and Emmanuel Stamatakis People in developed countries spend an average of nine to ten hours a day sitting. Whether it’s spending time in front of a...

Monash University researchers have harnessed cutting-edge, invisible light technology to aid in diagnosing hearing problems in infants, offering a ray of hope for little ones with hearing impairments. This groundbreaking approach, employing functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), allows for non-invasive brain imaging to assess language development and...