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Teaching digital media literacy will, reports lecturer Melissa L. Gould The astounding rise in social media use in the past few years is seeing policy responses come to a head, both internationally and in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Some estimates put the number of people using social media...

Cassy Dittman, Govind Krishnamoorthy and Marg Rogers can help you prepare for that conversation With around one in 50 adults diagnosed with cancer each year, many people are faced with the difficult task of sharing the news of their diagnosis with their loved ones. Parents...

Stephanie Wescott investigates 'post-truth politics' and 'manosphere extremists' in Australian schools.  Figures of the “manosphere” – a loose group of online figures who espouse anti-feminist and misogynist ideas and promote regressive ideas of masculinity – have risen in popularity in recent years. Given the currency these figures...

In today’s challenging economic climate, many parents find it increasingly difficult to manage their children’s requests for things they cannot afford. Explaining financial constraints to children can be tough, especially when it comes to saying no without causing disappointment or misunderstandings. Constructively responding to these...

 Psychologist Cher McGillivray explains why they might ignore you! Have you ever asked your child to do something simple, but no matter how many times you ask, they keep ignoring you? For example, on a school morning, you may call out, “Sarah, put your shoes on. We...

Emotions don’t decide who you are, writes Shawna Mastro Campbell Inside Out 2 invites us back into the mind of Riley, now a 13-year-old ice-hockey enthusiast on the cusp of high school – and puberty. Literally overnight, her brain goes through a large-scale demolition and construction that...

During International Fathers' Mental Health Day on June 17th 2024, the Centre for Perinatal Psychology is encouraging dads who may be struggling to come forward and seek help. While it has long been recognised that as many as 15 per cent of new mothers may experience...

Sexism, misogyny and gendered violence are now part of Australia’s national conversation, writes Dr Catherine Smith This article contains references to offensive language Recently, several male students from the elite Yarra Valley Grammar in Melbourne’s east were expelled after they put together a spreadsheet rating the attractiveness...

Maxine Clarke admits to using deception as a parental ploy. I remember the first time I realised that my mother could be deliberately dishonest. I was only about seven, but the exact details are almost as clear in my mind as if it happened five minutes...

Social media will tell you birth control causes mental health issues, weight gain and infertility – here are the facts, writes Christopher O'Sullivan   You should only get contraception advice from your doctor or nurse – not social media. Kmpzzz/ Shutterstock Social media is full of bad advice when...