Why I Love Halloween

Why I Love Halloween

It’s a pity Australia has such a strained relationship with Halloween. It really is the actual best. 

Do you do Halloween at your house?

It’s a polarising topic in Australia, I don’t think there is another holiday that creates so much conversation.

My family moved to Australia from Ireland in 1988, five year old me instantly fell in love with this country and absolutely everything about it.

From the weird fruit at the supermarket to the fact that shoes seemed to be an optional outfit element, I thought this country was utopia (actually I still do).

The second my little feet hit the ground, I was 100% enamoured with everything Australia had to offer. But…except for one detail.


I tried during most of my childhood to get it happening on our quiet suburban street. I dressed up, knocked on doors and even attempted a little Halloween education letter box drop at one stage.

It . just . never . happened.

So now I am rejoicing that after all these years, Halloween is finally here, and I won’t hear a bad word about it!

If you aren’t on the bandwagon please accept our sincerest apologies. We promise we will only mention it once a year.

Words By Barbara O’Reilly / Photo By Corey Blaz