10 Inspiring Mothers Doing Amazing Things

10 Inspiring Mothers Doing Amazing Things

We are thankful we regularly get to chat to lots of inspiring mothers doing us proud. Here some inspiring folk who have shared their motherhood and creativity stories with us.

Em Rusciano


Em Rusciano: Author, Radio + TV Presenter

If you have watched TV, listened to the radio or picked up a magazine in Australia in the past 12 years, chances are you have stumbled over Em Rusciano. We recently chatted to Em about motherhood, her new book Try Hard (It’s amazing – so much childhood nostalgia!) and what got her to the beautiful place she’s at now.

“I make sure to tell my girls every day to back themselves, it’s the last thing I say as they get out of the car. Back yourselves!”

Tess Guinery: Visual Communicator + Designer + Blogger

Tess Guinery talks about embracing motherhood and losing perfection, after becoming a mother for the first time.

“This tiny human that has completely and utterly undone me with a love so fierce that it has changed everything in me. I admit it– everything has changed.”

Paulina Eaborn: Owner + Creator Of Children’s Brand The Little Vikings

Mother of three sons, Paulina shares her feelings about identity, body image and how her relationship with her mother opened her eyes to the type of mother she wanted to be.

“My mum never took the time out to really nourish herself. She didn’t show me a fire burning inside her for something that gave her meaning other than us kids.”

Amy Harris: Australian Ballet Senior Artist

Amy had just returned to the stage after the birth of her daughter Willow in November 2014, with her soloist husband, Jarryd Madden. So what is a day in the life of a ballerina and mother like?

“I have a lot of help from my mum, who comes on tour with us. Ballet is a short career; we’ll do as much as we can for as long as we can. We have our guilty days, but hopefully Willow looks at us and sees our passion, drive and dedication and uses it as inspiration later in life.”

Madeleine Stamer: Teacher, Artist + Painter

Once a freelance illustrator for our very own CHILD Magazines, Aussie artist Madeleine Stamer has since been making colourful waves in the local art world. So we chatted to her recently about how she’s grown as an illustrator from ceramicist to mother, teacher and professional artist.

“When teaching, my young students often limit themselves to one profession that they aspire to. It’s my job to encourage them to be many things, be it an artist, doctor, parent, princess, vet,  unicorn wrangler or all of the above!”

Meshel Laurie: Australian Comedian, Radio/ TV Personality, Columnist + Author

We speak to Meshel Laurie about what it’s like to be a creative mother (of twins!) and how she juggles a busy career with raising her children.

“Don’t let yourself believe anyone else has it all together and is better at life than you are. We’re all just out there hustling every day.”

Hailey Bartholomew: Director + Photographer

Founder of the 365grateful project, mother of two, and an all-round amazing Australian woman. We asked Hailey how her life has evolved as an artist and mother of (nearly) two teenagers, the challenges she has faced with combining her creative work with raising children, as well as unschooling.

“Unschooling for the last seven years helped us have even more flexibility. We have not been tied to anything in any way. We’ve had the ability to pursue our dreams and also be with our kids.”

Patience Hodgson: Australian Musician and Singer of The Grates

In 2015, Patience took on her most important gig to date – becoming a mum to her daughter, Soda. She shares stories with us about what surprised her most about becoming a mother, de-cluttering, her go-to reads and the experiences and life knowledge she hopes to pass on to her daughter.

“Once you surrender, give over the control, work with your baby and understand you’re a team, there’s times where you’re stoked at how incredible your new lifestyle is.”

Anne Stroud: Midwife

Anne shares her insights on motherhood and her passion for helping mums and babies, through her role as a midwife.

“There’s no manual, book or workshop you can attend that can truly prepare you for becoming a mother. In the early days, the sleep deprivation and the newness of the whole concept washed over me like a tidal wave, and there was no other choice but to sink or swim.”

Barbara O’Reilly: CHILD Mags Digital Editor

Our very own team mate Babs shares her journey into motherhood and how Montessori helps her parent well.

“The complete dependence two little people have on me is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Caring for them is just what I do – it’s like caring for myself, just life, you know? But what is hard is the constant vigilance: I can’t switch off, even when my kids aren’t with me. That aspect is so much more draining than I could ever have imagined.”

Words by Jenna Templeton

Photography by Kelly Jordan, Tammie Joske, Paulina Eaborn, Sarah Black, Sean Fennessy, Meshel Laurie, Hailey Bartholomew, Kristina Childs Photography, Pobke Photography (link removed), Barbara O’Reilly