10 Stories from lockdown over the past 18 months

For those parents with kids at home and home schooling, here is a compilation of our articles to show how much we have progressed (or not!) over the past 18 months with COVID-19.

  1. How can you minimise all that extra screen time ?
  2. Are fathers doing more at home during COVID? Apparently!
  3. Tips and resources for times of lockdown.
  4. Can you make your home the best place for kids to learn?
  5. The mental health children brought on by social isolation could be most effected during lockdowns.
  6. Making the most of those video calls to friends and family.
  7. This Podcast supports parents and kids during these testing times.
  8. Are your separated and in lockdown? See the impact of COVID on separated parents.
  9. There’s an upside for some kids during the online learning days.
  10. Tips to keep kids learning during COVID from a teacher educator.

As NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said, there is only one thing worse than a lockdown and that is cycling in and out of lockdowns, given the huge economic and social costs.

Something, we are all hoping we will be able to see the last of!