20 Questions With Fat Mum Slim

Chantelle Ellem is an ordinary Aussie mum who happens to have a hugely successful blog, one hundred thousand Instagram followers and a best selling app – so naturally we are super curious to find our what makes her tick.

Today we asked 20 quick questions to Instagram extraordinaire / blogger type lady / app designer / epic cake maker / fellow confetti enthusiast / community creator / my friend, Chantelle Ellem AKA @fatmumslim. Would you like to hear her answers?

I share images because… I’m creative and photography is my thing. I love it.

I never leave the house without… my sunglasses. Unless it’s night, then that’s just weird.

The music I’ve got on repeat is…
 iTunes Chill radio station.

My favourite thing to photograph is… sunlight and my girls.

In the morning I always… try and get up before the kids for a little quiet time.

My dream holiday destination is… New York.

I want my Instagram profile to make people feel… inspired and happy.

My favourite piece of clothing is… my PJs. So lame!

My current insta-ration is coming from… @jeffmendell

My favourite photo editing apps are… Little Moments and VSCO. Chantelle Ellem - Fat Mum Slim - CHILDMags Blog

True or False 

I could live without a smart phone: True

Instagram is my jam: True

All’s fair in love and war: False

Fairy bread is happiness on a plate: False {never tried it!} (ed. we are sending her a plate ASAP)

Vegemite rocks: True

Chantelle Ellem - Fat Mum Slim - CHILD Mags Blog

Pick a Side

Plane or road trip? Road trip

Balloons or flowers? Flowers

Cake or kale? CAKE (ed. That’s our girl.)

Puppies or kittens? Puppies

Heels or kicks? Kicks!