4 new Lifestyle Apps to Watch in 2023

When on a journey of self-improvement, we often find ourselves succumbing to the promises of countless apps that will ‘make life easier’. If you’re anything like us, you might use it once, only to delete it a week later. It’s a common cycle many of us seem to go through a few times each year, only to realise that life is still as chaotic.

Luckily, there are a few hidden gems out there that can make a real difference to our lives, but finding them can take time. We’ve tested a number of apps, so you don’t have to. Here is our list of some of the best lifestyle apps that actually do make life easier. Don’t believe us?

Try them for yourself.


Online reviews are everywhere. But do you really want to know what ‘Susan4728!’ thinks about that new Thai restaurant down the street? Or what ‘GUS_123’ rated his brother’s new plumbing business? Probably not. However, if you’re anything like us, you want to make the right choices when choosing restaurants, visiting a doctor or just trying to find that perfect banana bread recipe.

Created by Melbourne mum-of-three Deanna Bugalski, who struggled with finding activities and places to take her kids, Suggesterfy allows you to hear from your trusted network. The people who know you and what you like.

The app allows you to create an online community of friends and family so you can receive genuine information that’s tried and tested.

It is a place where you can explore, share and save positive suggestions on virtually anything, from entertainment, fashion, books, kids’ activities, and so much more. With the option to save your findings, you’ll never have to go down that internet wormhole.

Cut through the noise and download the Suggesterfy today.


Nowadays, street parties and neighbourhood meetings are merely nostalgic for most Australians. However, we still need our neighbours. Whether they occasionally bring in your mail or mow your side of the lawn, looking after these relationships can go a long way.

Building relationships with those living around you isn’t always easy. However, the creators of Nextdoor have found a way to bring back that local connection, both online and in real life. Whether you want to sell an outgrown bike, give away some plant cuttings or figure out when the next council pickup is, the app is making life that little bit easier.

It’s a great way to form new connections in a new neighbourhood or find like-minded people living around you

Download Nextdoor and join your local community online.


The cost of living is being felt by everyone, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting together with friends or taking a night off cooking. EatClub is an app that will allow you to eat out without breaking the bank.

Fancy catching an early bite to eat or indulging in a later European-style dinner? On EatClub, you can see which restaurants post last-minute offers on days and times that have spare tables. With offers on drinks and up to 50% off the entire bill, it’s the perfect app to download as we head into the social season.

Download the app today to see where you could eat for cheap tonight.

Rain Parrot

Too often, weather apps tell us to expect sunshine, only to update minutes into a rain storm. By then, often, our clothes that were drying outside are soaked, or our day at the beach becomes a race to the car park. Rain Parrot is an app that lets you know how much rain is going to fall and when – before it actually happens. You’ll be able to understand the intensity and duration of the rain.

This valuable and digestible insight allows you to plan ahead and stay dry. You’ll know when to take shelter when enjoying the outdoors and when to get out there again.

It’s their perfect way to make sure rain never dampens your day. Download for just $5.99.