5 Tips To Help Kids Wear Eye Patches

If patching is what your optometrist prescribed, here are 5 tips to make it easier for your kids.

Finding time

Incorporate it into your daily routine. If they attend daycare, make sure the centre knows why you’re patching and how important it is.

Finding the right patch

Find one they feel comfortable wearing, which won’t irritate the skin.

Ensure no ‘peeking’

Make sure they can’t peek from the corners of the patch, as you won’t see an improvement in their vision. Pirate-style patches are at the highest risk of this.

Preserve their self-esteem

Ensuring they feel positive about wearing their patch is important. Ask for their input and maybe change the design from day to day.

Reward progress

Reward even the slightest improvement in their compliance. After your clinic visits reward your child to celebrate their visual improvement.

Words by Felicity Frankish

Guest Contributor