Australiana Birthday Party

Australiana Birthday Party

A ‘True Blue’ Birthday Party. We take a trip down memory lane and bring some of our own fond Aussie childhood favourites to the birthday party table!

Take inspiration from your childhood celebrations and throw a classic Aussie kids party with these tips.

Decorate the table with… confetti, paper plates, crepe streamers, party blowers, colourful cups, fun pattern napkins and party hats. Let the birthday cake be the centrepiece. Bake up one of those iconic Australian Women’s Weekly children’s birthday cakes (that pool one is amazing!) or decorate a simple iced cake with lollies. You could even make the party table a craft station and let the kids draw on and decorate their party hats.

On the menu… Fairy bread, lamingtons, party pies, mini sausage rolls, honey joys, chocolate crackles, cabanossi and cheese, frankfurts, rainbow popcorn, sherbet cones, a selection of crisps, jelly cups, mixed lollies and cordial.

Let them be entertained with… Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, Simon says, statues and that classic egg and spoon race!

Thank your guests with a… Lolly loot bag! There once was a time when every child knew if you missed out on the prize in pass the parcel, you could always count on being treated with a loot bag. Fill party bags with nostalgic sweets such as snakes, musk sticks, frogs, liquorice all-sorts, jelly babies, teeth, strawberry and creams, freckles, milk bottles, jellybeans and novelty toys like chattering teeth, a bouncy ball and lolly bracelets.

Words, Photography + Styling by Jenna Templeton