Book Review: The Dilemma Of Telling Your Child Santa Isn’t Real

Dreading The Dilemma Of Telling Your Child Santa Isn’t Real? This Book Can Help You Navigate This Important Conversation

Your Santa Agent Invitation is a parent’s guide to explain Santa to children and let them know they have a special role in continuing the Christmas tradition of giving and generosity. Filled with warmth and cheer, this book will enable an honest discussion in a way that will continue Christmas joy and excitement.

Written in a gentle and easy rhyme, this book is a delightful way to navigate one of the most awkward parent/child conversations, enabling an honest discussion with warmth and cheer.

By covering the history of Saint Nick and inviting the child to become a ‘Santa Agent’, this book transforms a time of potential loss into an opportunity for gain. It shows children that knowing the true identity of Santa is, in fact, a cause for celebration.

Written by Australian writer and journalist Alex Lalak, and Australian marketing executive, author and mother, Louise Cummins, the children’s book offers both children and grown-ups a new way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

“My passion for storytelling was sparked during my childhood by reading the fairy books of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite and Cicely Mary Barker. As a great believer in the magic and joy of Christmas, I was thrilled to co-write this book,” Ms Lalak said.

“As a mother, I am inspired to keep the magic of Christmas alive. I hope this book will delight children around the world, and help other parents navigate the conversation with love and care,” Ms Cummins said.

Described by Reader’s Favourite as an ‘uplifting’ and ‘positive’ story, Your Santa Agent Invitation will be available to purchase online  and via Amazon and other leading online bookstores.

“This uplifting story presents a positive way for parents and families to be honest with their children while keeping the Christmas joy and spirit alive and well,” Melinda Facal from Reader’s Favourite said.

Your Santa Agent Invitation, by Alex Lalak and Louise Cummins, (self-published). P/b RRP$27.45.

For parents to read to children who want to still believe in the Magic of Santa.