Book Review: The Story of Australia

The Story of Australia

For the young (and the curious)
by Don Watson (published by Black Inc. h/b RRP $32.99)  For ages 10+

A modern classic: Don Watson’s history of Australia for children of the twenty-first century. History told so well it gives us a better idea of who we are – and what we might become.

The Story of Australia weaves together the many strands of our nation’s past – ancient and indigenous, colonial and contemporary – to create a fascinating, inclusive history for all readers, young and old.

bluey_roberts-paintingIn clear, succinct language that both children and adults will appreciate, Watson guides readers from the ancient lands of Gondwana, through human settlement, colonisation and waves of migration, to the challenges facing our diverse nation today.

Each era is brought to life in a series of beautifully illustrated spreads that capture a particular event or development – or give a snapshot of ordinary Australians at the time. Each chapter ends with a profile of a person, from the oldest Australian ever discovered, Mungo Woman, to pop icon Kylie Minogue.

The Story of Australia will be treasured by children and families for years to come.

– Fish art on pg 21: Bluey Roberts, reproduced by permission of the artist
– First Fleet reenactment on page 191: National Archives of Australia: A6135, K4/2/88/6