Do you have a love affair with coffee?

After serving more than 220 million cups of barista-made coffee and hot drinks at restaurants across the country last year, Macca’s latest research shows Aussie parents have a love affair with coffee.

“Australia has a unique relationship with coffee compared to the rest of the world, said Tim Kenward. We know our baristas by name, are proud of our complex coffee orders and expect a high standard of flavour and quality from every cup.”

Insights on parents:

  • Parenthood is tiring: 69% of parents consider themselves everyday drinkers compared to 60% of those without kids
  • Not only do they drink on more days, they also drink more per day! 34% of parents drink 3 or more cups of coffee per day compared to 23% of those without kids. Similarly, per week parents consume 14.4 cups of coffee vs parents at 11.5
  • 16% of parents drink coffee between 6pm-midnight, compared to 8% of non-parents
  • Parents love a cappuccino (33%) a lot more than those without kids (23%)
  • When asked what the first thing they do each morning is, 29% of parents said drink coffee, compared to just 20% of those without kids
  • When asked what their reason was for drinking coffee, 41% of parents said “to wake up”
  • 7% of parents drink more than 31 cups of coffee per week
  • 15% of parents are most likely to drink coffee after midday
  • 54% of parents value free coffee above all other perks at work
  • The three most important attributes of a coffee shop for parents are quality of blend (68%), affordability (56%) and convenient location (51%)

McDonald’s new blend has been sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms across Brazil, Honduras, Kenya and Ethiopia in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

The research was undertaken as part of the launch of McCafe’s newest, highest quality, bean blend which is now available.