Easter, what’s it all about?

Kylie Clark, Principal, Sunrise Christian School, Fullarton, South Australia, writes that Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of the Christian faith. At our school, celebrating Easter is not just about ‘religious beliefs’ but also a valuable opportunity to teach children important values such as love, hope, and compassion.

Easter, what’s it all about?

Easter is one of the most significant holidays celebrated by Christians worldwide. Many of us know the stories associated with this time of year, but what can we learn if we dig deeper into the values demonstrated in stories?

Love is a powerful message that is central to Easter. According to the Bible, Jesus died on the cross to show his love for humanity. When we unpack this message with children at our school, it helps them understand how to love and care for others. Teaching them about love shows how to be kind, respectful, and empathetic towards others.

Hope is one of the crowning jewels of Easter—a treasure gifted to everyone that shines in the darkest times if we let it. The resurrection of Jesus signifies the triumph of good over evil, a reminder that things can get better.

Being hopeful enables our children to be optimistic about the future. We all need a bit of hope right now. People all over the world face many challenges, and it’s essential that children have hope for their futures. When parents instil hope in their children at home and are supported by us at our school, they learn to persevere in the face of adversity, build resilience and believe that better things are possible.

Easter also represents compassion. Jesus Christ’s teachings encourage people to love their neighbours as themselves and to help those in need. At our school, children learn about compassion. They think of others and help those less fortunate than themselves. They also learn the importance of forgiveness and its power to heal broken relationships.

In addition to teaching values, Easter also provides an opportunity for children to learn about history and culture. It is a chance to learn about the origins of Easter, why it is celebrated, and how different cultures celebrate it. By learning about different cultures, children can learn to appreciate diversity and develop a sense of respect for others.

Celebrating Easter at our school provides the opportunity to put values into action practically.

For example, children share cards and parcels with neighbours and the local community. Many Sunrise Fullarton students participate in house drops of food; what a great way to enact love, hope, and compassion. Give this a try in your local neighbourhood. This may impact the people around you more than you expect!

Celebrating Easter as a school is a valuable way to teach children essential life lessons.