Mum-flu is the very opposite of man-flu!

Research reveals mums almost never prioritise themselves when sick.

The latest research suggests that mums too often leave themselves last on the priorities list, with almost half (44%) of mums saying they rarely or never visit the doctor when they start feeling sick.

When they do become unwell mums feel they miss out most on family- with one third (34%) of mums highlighting they miss out on spending time with their kids and 45% sharing they miss out on the enjoyment of day to day life.   

To encourage Aussie mums to take proactive steps to look after their immune system this year and get back to the things they love sooner, Blackmores has partnered with journalist, TV presenter and busy mum of two, Sarah Harris.

“Mum-flu is the very opposite of man-flu — when we get sick there’s no time for rest! I’m a working mum juggling 20 hours of live TV a week and the demands of two high-energy little boys, so a cold is my kryptonite.  But like every other mum out there, gargle some hot water and lemon and power on.

“But the older I get, the more I realise even ‘SuperMums’ need a bit of self-care. Building our immune health before those winter lurgies hit is a great place to start. As part of my partnership with Blackmores, I recently sat down with one of their naturopaths who told me that eating for nutrients is our first line of defence,” Harris adds.

The research also revealed the craziest things mums have done when sick – from vomiting in an interview (and getting the job) to burning two rounds of freshly cooked dinner, giving up and ordering takeaway.

One mum, who asked to remain anonymous, also relayed one of the hardest times of being sick whilst also soldering on as a mum: “When we were in lockdown I had to do homeschooling with gastro – some classes were held in the bathroom!”