National Science Week: The Big Bloody Experiment

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has joined forces with Dr Rob from Experimentary to launch The Big Bloody Experiment for National Science Week.

The Big Bloody Experiment is a series of fun experiments that enables school children nationwide to learn about blood and all the amazing things it does by creating fake blood, skin, bruises and wounds.

Dr Alison Gould, Lifeblood’s National Leader of Research Communication and Engagement, said the engaging and a little bit gory experiments are a great way to provide some fun and educational activities for children to learn about blood and how it works.

“It’s important for children to learn about blood because their lives literally depend on it. Learning about blood can help kids get a feel for how the science of biology connects with their everyday lives,” Dr Gould said,

By exploring kids’ fascination with blood, scabs, bruises and wounds, the experiments introduce fun facts about blood and the science behind it. It’s a science lesson under the guise of a special effects workshop and in plenty of time for Halloween.

While schools are invited to sign up to take part in The Big Bloody Experiment with instructions provided in the form of videos and recipes, and perfect for the classroom, it is also something parents can do with children at home.

The main aim is for those taking part to create fake wounds and to do that, they first learn how to make fake blood, skin and bruises. It is a whole lot of gory fun, and most of the ingredients can be found in the household pantry or fridge.

“These experiments are definitely something parents can do with their children,” Dr Gould said.

“Just be aware that they use food colouring and could get messy, but if you’re used to baking with your children, you’ll know the drill,” she said.

While Experimentary’s Dr Rob has provided recipes to create real-looking blood, skin, wounds and scabs, he also encourages participants to experiment with their own ingredients and write them down for a true science experiment experience.

Find out more about The Big Bloody Experiment.

To coincide with National Science Week (August 14 – 22), Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has also teamed up with renowned artist and curator Geoff Nees, who has created a limited-edition bandage that highlights Lifeblood’s contribution to life-changing science. Anyone who gives blood or plasma throughout the remainder of August and until September 10 will receive the eye-catching limited-edition bandage.

To book a donation, call 13 14 95 or book online at or on the DonateBlood app.