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Kids can learn how to make this colourful name banner to hang on their bedroom door. ...

Researchers Maria Nicholas, Andrew Skourdoumbis  and  Ondine Bradbury look at ways gifted students can be better supported now the NSW Government rolls out their new program. Earlier this month, the New South Wales government announced it would roll out programs for gifted students in every public school...

Dr Brendan Churchill and Professor Leah Ruppanner look at the future of work for women. So much of the debate around the future of work has us thinking far into the future– to workplaces unimaginable and to jobs that very few of us feel we are...

How can we protect ourselves with a surge in cases since the beginning of the year? Laurence Don Wai Luu looks at how to protect your family Australia is facing a whooping cough outbreak. Some 2,799 cases were recorded in the first three months of 2024....

‘Why did he Leave Me?’  is one, reports researcher Lauren Breen, Death and grief are not easy to talk about. Talking to children about these can be harder still. Our instinct to protect children from harsh realities means we might avoid these topics altogether. But, as we...

Aussie parents and carers from Parramatta to Perth and Townsville to Tassie will be breathing a sigh of relief! From a hilarious podcast about the human body, a detective series that investigates killer butterflies and glow worms, to art-curious kids who study what freaky snakes have...

 A ‘Fiction Fanatic’ or a ‘Book Abstainer’? Researchers Leonie Rutherford,  Andrew Singleton, Bronwyn Reddan, Katya Johanson and Michael Dezuanni delve deeper and look how a parent can help. We know teenagers have busy and complex lives. School makes increasing demands on them, as do their social and...

Covering everything from anxiety, depression, trauma and eating difficulties, to understanding neurodivergence and gender identity Dr Jo Prendergast's new book 'When Life Sucks' is an essential guide for parents and carers looking to understand what's going on in their teen's mind. This is an extract...

Anything that looks unusual can attract hungry family members to try something different, and this Paperbag Spaghetti with Herb Crusted Salmon from Donna Hay is no exception! INGREDIENTS 400g dried spaghetti 2 cups (500ml) single (pouring) cream ½ Cup (125ml) lemon juice Sea salt and cracked...

Here are some wonderful picture books written by Aussie authors just for the under threes. The illustrations in these books show just how talented children's book illustrators (and authors) are!   My Dream for You by Ash Barty & Jasmin McGaughey, illus. by Jade Goodwin, pub. HarperCollins h/b...