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Looking for some movies for the kids these school holidays (2024)? Here are 8 movies with details and summaries: 1. Inside Out 2 Availability: Released. 96mins. PG Summary: In this much-anticipated sequel, Riley is now a teenager facing new emotional challenges as she navigates high school. Inside her mind,...

Edith Jennifer Hill looks at the new documentary 'Quiet on Set' and investigates children’s television station Nickelodeon from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. The five-part series highlights the abuse many child actors faced while working for the station. The child stars on these shows...

Children’s parties are the number-one method used by competitive parents to outdo each other. Philippa Macken finds that you don’t need to be flashy to be fun. Harry was beside himself. I held his tiny hand as he hopped alongside me, barely able to contain his...

Viewing our media from a child’s perspective can be alarming, writes Wayne Warburton. Since the start of the year, we have witnessed a series of natural disasters, both here and overseas. We have watched families dislocated and financially ruined as floods swept through parts of Australia....

Aussie parents and carers from Parramatta to Perth and Townsville to Tassie will be breathing a sigh of relief! From a hilarious podcast about the human body, a detective series that investigates killer butterflies and glow worms, to art-curious kids who study what freaky snakes have...

 A ‘Fiction Fanatic’ or a ‘Book Abstainer’? Researchers Leonie Rutherford,  Andrew Singleton, Bronwyn Reddan, Katya Johanson and Michael Dezuanni delve deeper and look how a parent can help. We know teenagers have busy and complex lives. School makes increasing demands on them, as do their social and...

Gina Roberts-Grey explains that double does not necessarily mean trouble when it comes to birthday celebrations. Having two children share the same birthday puts a strain on more than the budget. Parents and family members of twins know it is not always easy to make sure...

Team Taylor – why Swift’s brand works so well There is no escaping Taylor Swift, writes Louise Grimmer. Even if you try to ignore the star, she is currently everywhere.  On the airwaves, on playlists, streaming services, social media, in the news, on the big screen and...

The Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation (ACLF) proudly announces Sally Rippin as the 8th Australian Children’s Laureate, recognizing her outstanding contributions to children's literature. As Australia’s highest-selling female author, Sally has penned over 100 captivating books, including the beloved Billie B Brown series, captivating audiences worldwide with...