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As the new school year kicks off in Australia, parents are bustling to check off their back-to-school shopping lists. Amidst the frenzy of uniforms and books, two crucial items often slip through the cracks: sunscreen and insect repellent. Australia boasts stunning weather, but it also bears one...

Children are naturally curious, so start young and make gallery visits a normal activity, writes Naomi Zouwer In our house, we have a favourite story about the time our toddler was dragged from the National Portrait Gallery kicking and screaming, “I want to see more paintings!!!” She...

Try LiSTNR's A Pawsome Road Trip Adventure: UnTrue Podcast – The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar The sun beamed down as we packed up the car, ready for our summer road trip with the kids. The excitement in the air was palpable, but so was the...

Corey Bloomfield looks at how families can use the holidays to lay the groundwork for a more positive school year ahead. These long summer holidays may seem like an extra blessing to families dealing with a child who does not like school or refuses to go. But even...

Art expert Naomi Zouwer, suggests screen-free things to do in every room of the house Keren Fedida/Unsplash School holidays can feel like a marathon if all the kids want to do is watch TV, play Minecraft or repeatedly ask you for the iPad. There are lots of things you...

As summer holidays kick in, the beaches become a popular destination for families and friends. However, amidst the sun and sand, a silent danger lurks – rip currents. Recognizing the signs of these often underestimated hazards is crucial for ensuring a safe beach experience. In collaboration...

This month we are looking at some holiday reading for those eight years and over. Many kids this age are dreamers, who believe that we can all be forces for good, so these authors have worked hard to give more wonderful stories for them to...

Katharine Cook’s 8 tips for surviving the stress of this year’s festive season Help! It’s the holiday season and the inevitable invasion of relatives and a full calendar of gatherings are upon us. If you believe television commercials, you should be kicking up your heels, kissing...

Researchers Tanya Latty, Chris Reid, Hauke Koch  and Thomas Mesaglio are gathering citizen data to see the full picture In eastern Australia, the arrival of the summer holidays has traditionally been heralded by big iridescent beetles known as Christmas beetles due to their appearance during the...

As cash-strapped and time-poor parents struggle to stretch their budgets and schedules, a new travel trend is gaining popularity and redefining family holidays – cruising!  Australian families are discovering a game-changing holiday hack that ensures a stress-free, budget-friendly vacation – cruising! Gabby Walters, a leading tourism...