Imagine not hearing ARE WE THERE YET these holidays!

Try LiSTNR’s A Pawsome Road Trip Adventure: UnTrue Podcast – The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar

The sun beamed down as we packed up the car, ready for our summer road trip with the kids. The excitement in the air was palpable, but so was the familiar dread of hearing those four little words that have haunted parents for generations: “ARE WE THERE YET?”

But fear not, fellow parents, for I stumbled upon a secret weapon that turned our road trip into a laughter-filled adventure. Meet “UnTrue: The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar” – an (un)true crime podcast on LiSTNR that’s not only a pawfect road trip companion for kids but also a true crime comedy for the grown-ups.

As we hit the road, I introduced our little travelers to Trudie Poodle, an investigative journalist with her own dogcast. The first episode, “Trudie Poodle Starts a Dogcast – The Underdogs Catch A Cat Burglar,” set the stage for a pawzzling mystery unfolding in Dogtown. Crimes were happening, and the Pawlice were chasing their tails, leaving us eager to solve the case.

The beauty of this podcast is that it combines a fun mystery for the kids with witty humor for the adults. In “The Cat Burglar Strikes Again,” Trudie teams up with Dogtown’s second-best detective agency, The Underdogs, as the felonious feline strikes again. The crime scene at the Dogtown Fish Market had us all giggling, and the mystery started to smell a little fishy.

Each episode introduces new characters and twists, keeping everyone engaged. We chuckled at “A Chat With A Rat” when Trudie called a cheese-lovin’ rat with tasty information. Would it be enough to help sniff out the Cat Burglar, or would sardine ice-cream be the key?

To our surprise, familiar voices from The Chaser and The Octonauts brought the characters to life. Chris Taylor’s Detective Barkley and Andrew Hansen’s multiple characters, along with Zehra Naqvi from the Octonauts, added an extra layer of enjoyment for both kids and adults.

As the road stretched before us, the podcast seamlessly transitioned from one episode to the next. The bonus episodes provided delightful behind-the-scenes glimpses, like “The Press Conference” at the Dogtown Police Department and an exclusive interview with Fang on Dogtown Morning Walkies!

Our road trip turned into an interactive experience when we discovered that LiSTNR had re-created Dogtown within Roblox, the global platform for interactive play. The Underdogs’ quest to find gems hidden by the Cat Burglar became our virtual mission, and we eagerly sought the coveted virtual Underdogs badge.

The charm of “UnTrue” lies not only in its captivating storyline but also in the creativity behind each episode. “Here Kitty, Kitty” had us wondering if Barkley’s famous pink PUGatti scooter owner was the elusive Cat Burglar. The story kept us guessing, and we found ourselves barking up the wrong tree more than once.

Amidst the laughter and suspense, the podcast cleverly weaves in clues and introduces quirky characters. In “The Clues So Far,” the Underdogs continue to chase their tails while Trudie seeks help from gossip-hound Perez Howlton. Will he have the in-FUR-mation needed to crack the case?

Bonus episodes like “Carl’s Pizza-Cast” added a delightful break from the main storyline. Carl the Chihuahua ‘borrowing’ Trudie’s dogcasting equipment for his Pizza-Cast had us in stitches, providing a lighthearted moment in the midst of the mystery.

As we neared our destination, the podcast reached its climax with “The Party” and “The Cat Burglar Unmasked.” Trudie and The Underdogs crashed the biggest party in Howlywood, hot on the trail of the Cat Burglar. The suspense was palpable as we wondered if their disguises would get them past the front door and who would finally catch the furry felon.

In the gripping season finale, the Cat Burglar was cornered, and the mask was lifted to reveal the true identity. The satisfaction of solving the mystery together made our road trip unforgettable. And so, as we unpacked the car and settled into our summer destination, we couldn’t help but reflect on the joy that “UnTrue” brought to our journey.

So, fellow parents embarking on a summer road trip, fear not the dreaded question, for “UnTrue: The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar” awaits to turn your journey into a pawsome adventure. Pop it on, let the laughter roll, and enjoy the ride! Happy travels!

The CHILDmags Team.