Tragic drowning fatalities don’t just happen at our beaches as water safety is everyone’s responsibility

After a devastating season on our waterways, Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and Poolwerx have joined forces to remind all Australians that no matter where you swim, water safety is everyone’s responsibility.

SLSA General Manager Shane Daw and Poolwerx Ambassador and Olympic Gold Medallist Libby Trickett are spreading awareness about water safety across all environments, as we know that tragic drowning fatalities don’t just happen at our beaches. 

Shane Daw, General Manager Surf Life Saving Australia Coastal Safety adds:

“Water safety is important because it takes lives, destroys families and loved ones. When we have a look at it, we had over 300 drowning deaths around the country. When we talk about over 300 lives lost, or 141 lives lost at the beach with coastal drowning deaths, that number is magnified with so many families impacted.”

“The essential element that it doesn’t matter where you go, you need to think about water safety. So from Surf Life Saving, swim between the flags and have a ‘stop, look, plan’ approach.”

“There’s a number of different things you can do to be responsible. If you’re heading to the beach, look for a patrolled beach with red and yellow flags where lifesavers can supervise you, if you’re going elsewhere have a ‘stop, look, plan’ approach. No matter where you are,  supervise children at all times in and around the water, and think about what you’re doing. Alcohol and water don’t mix:”

Libby Trickett, Poolwerx Ambassador and Olympian says:

“One drowning is too many, and the impact that has on families and on friends and the surrounding community is devastating, so we all need to make sure we’re all taking this into our hands and being as safe around the water as we can. Whether that’s having a plan, having a designated responsible person watching everyone not distracted by technology or books, alcohol and water just do not mix, swimming at a patrolled beach and at home making sure your gate works so making sure we’re taking the precautions

“The most important thing is that water safety is everyone’s responsibility. We need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves and being really vigilant around the water. That might sound boring but I would rather be a little bit boring and really careful around the water to get home safely.”

Main Image: Libby Trickett and Shane Daw  with members of SLSA