10 Food Trends We Will Be Trying In 2017

10 Food Trends We Will Be Trying In 2017

We have scoured the internet to forecast the major food trends you guys will be obsessing over in 2017. Enjoy this list, we checked it twice!

Last year the internet was going cray-cray for extreme milkshakes, smoothie bowls and toast art, but that’s all in the past. Now it’s 2017 and we’re predicting the new ‘Instagram worthy’ food trends grabbing our attention and making their way into our ‘to try’ list, Pinterest boards and mouths.

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

1. Donut walls

Everyone loves a quality donut and these donut walls are the 2017 answer to the dessert bar craze. You can bet that this year’s brides or expecting mums will be asking for a donut wall at their next wedding or baby bash! All you need is a pegboard, hooks and a delicious selection of donuts.

(Image by: Oh Happy Day)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

For another donut alternative, why not use them as an ice-cream cone?

(Image by: ekiem.de)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

2. Unicorn toast

Any toast art…or unicorn fan will LOVE this Unicorn Toast – with all the colours of the rainbow spread all over it. A combination of cream cheese infused with natural and edible pigments like beetroot juice and berry powder, cooked up by food stylist Adeline Waugh. This has to be the ultimate party toast! #toasttherainbow

(Image by: Adeline Waugh)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

3. Grilled rainbow toast

How can we make a melted cheese toastie even better? Just make it rainbow and add sprinkles of course.

(Image by: Pop Sugar)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

4. Spiral food

Yep! The subtitle says it all – food that has been ‘spiralised’. There is also a book dedicated to it!

(Image from: Spiralise Your Vegetables by Zoe Armbruster)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

5. Layered dips

This nacho one would be a hit sold from food trucks or for as finger food at a party. These can be made in a snap and are mess-proof, which makes for a good portable meal you can easily hold in your hands…on the move.

(Image by: The Girl Who Ate Everything)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

Speaking of dips – we could go to town with this funfetti one!

(Image by: If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

6. Up-styled fairy bread

While we personally think that this Aussie national treasure should NEVER be tampered with…we can’t help but be a little intrigued by this fairy bread that has been given a little…makeover with a sparkle of bling.

(Image by: My Name Is Yeh)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

7. Avocado burgers

Aussie financial statistics are saying that Millennials can’t afford to buy into the housing market because of smashed avocado on sourdough toast – a popular brunch option indeed. So who knows what will happen to the economy once these burgers hit mainstream cafes?

(Image by: Babble)

This brings us to our next food trend…

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

8. Sushi burgers

No surprise here why this sushi burger will be a winner, obvs it cuts down on gluten for the health conscience, but well, just look at it…it’s rainbow! You could also just add a rainbow theme to regular sushi too.

(Images by: So Beautifully Real + Elsa’s Wholesome Life)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

9. Fermentation

So, we’re really seeing a rainbow theme here. Every year there always seems to be something that brings us back to basics, and ignites a spark to inspire us to revisit a traditional method. We’re putting our bets on pretty things in jars – fermented.

(Image by: Food 52)

2017 Food Trends on child mags blog

10. All things deconstructed

Did you see the deconstructed Bunnings Sausage Sizzle that ended up being an early April fools? Well they were kind of on to something as ‘deconstructed’ food, prepared on a wooden board is almost common place at fancy restaurants and trendy cafes around OZ. I must admit, I can really see the Instagram potential in some of these deconstructed favourites aka ‘things organised neatly’.

Ok! Who is hungry now?!

Remember you read it here first folks!

Images by Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club + Dschwen + Austin Radcliffe