11 Australian Artists You Need To Know

11 Australian Artists You Need To Know

Don’t know what to do with a blank wall space in your home? Why not add a splash of colour with some artwork by these Aussie artists?

A month ago, my hubby and I got the keys to our first home. After five years of renting, we were pretty excited about finally being able to paint and decorate the walls to our own personal taste.

Being a long-time fan of Ken Done, on my birthday my husband Ryan gifted me with a poster of one of Done’s 2011 works, Turquoise Coral Head II. I love all the beautiful blues and greens in this piece with pops of yellow and pink – so tranquil. I thought it’d be perfect for the bedroom and I already had a few pieces that compliment the colour palette, so I’ll be furnishing the rest of the room with linens and décor to match. Once we’ve painted the rooms of our home (and complete a big bathroom renovation), it’ll be one of the first pieces to be hung in our new home.

I have big plans for all the other blank wall spaces in our home, such as photo collage walls in mismatched frames and some of my own DIY artwork. I’ve put together a list of 12 upcoming and established Australian artists to add a splash of colour to your spaces. I wouldn’t mind owning a few of these pieces myself!

11 australian artists you need to know1. Ken Done: Turquoise Coral Head II

Iconic and forever number one in my books. My ’80s childhood was painted in all things Ken Done. My parents dressed me in his threads, we’d eat dinners off his colourful city landscaped placemats and I went to sleep admiring his doona covers splashed with native Australian flowers. Thanks for showing me the true colours of Australia, Ken!

11 australian artists you need to know

2. Kirra Jamison: Shooting the Curl Series

Sydney-based Kirra’s work is beauty in simplicity. Each of her works are a toned-back colour explosion in the form of curly sculptures and clean-lined collage shapes.

11 australian artists you need to know

3. Rachel Castle: Big Garden 4

Sydney maker Rachel Castle caught everyone’s attention a few years back with her fun and cheeky felt letter art and textile collection. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the queen of neon. Hot pink and orange never looked so good.

11 australian artists you need to know

4. Spenceroni: Unmagic Eye Series

Geometric patterns, the ’80s and paper-cutting…these are a few of my favourite things and Spenceroni includes all in his amazing sculptural paper-cut illustrations. His work makes me want to raid my coloured paper stash and get the glue out stat!

11 australian artists you need to know

5. Leah Bartholomew: Electric Blue Day

Leah’s abstract work is bold, bright and inviting. I previously enjoyed seeing her latest collections from her homewares label Beneath the Sun. Now focusing more on her personal art, Leah finds inspiration from collage and torn paper for her latest pieces.

11 australian artists you need to know

6. Rowena Martinich: Colour Bomb

The Aussie Jackson Pollock! Who’d have thought that splattered and dripping paint could look so good? Melbourne-based artist Rowena’s work is a colour explosion of happy in the form of expression art.

11 australian artists you need to know

7. Lisa Lapointe: You & Me Under The Sea

Pencil artist Lisa Lapointe draws upon spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology in her art. This particular piece is a collaboration with Mitchell Connelly.

11 australian artists you need to know

8. Prudence Caroline: East Court Hydrangea

Victorian artist Prudence Caroline’s joyous, splashes of paint works are inspired by her experience of motherhood. A mixed media artist, Prudence uses layers of acrylic and resin to create texture and depth in her works.

11 australian artists you need to know

9. Megan Weston: Nome #2

I first saw Megan’s work featured on The Block a couple of years ago. What stood out for me the most was that her vibrant abstract work was in the shape of a circle. It just goes to show the genius can occur when you think outside the box.

11 australian artists you need to know

10. Antoinette Ferwerda: Little Hills in Mint

Antoinette is fascinated by the patterns in nature. Each of her compositions capture the light and the geometry of shape in the playful Australian landscape.

11 australian artists you need to know

11. Kristen Daniels: Cotton

Less is more. Kristen’s broad brushstrokes of bold acrylic colour expresses and justifies that completely in this piece of work.

Who else wants to now paint their walls with colour?

Words by Jenna Templeton / First Image by Greenhouse Interiors