15 Winter School Holiday Activities

15+ Winter School Holiday Activities

Keep the kids busy over the winter break with some fun and simple arts, crafts and games.

1) Take advantage of the windy weather, by making your own kite and taking it out to fly.

2) Make moon sand using flour, vegetable oil and food colouring.

3) Make a firework painting using toilet paper rolls.

4) Build a small snowman using frozen water balloons and some felt (this is especially suitable for any little Frozen fanatics!)

5) Make moon and stars artwork using paint and paper plates.

6) Pull out a hula hoop and play jump the hoop, hula spinning, and of course hula twirling for older kids.

7) Use bubble wrap to make stamp paintings.

8) Make pretend ice cream sundaes from pom poms and cotton buds.

9) Create a caterpillar using sponges, paint and pipe cleaners.

10) Add flower petals and glitter to water for some sensory outdoor play.

11) Make jellyfish using old plastic bottles and coloured ribbon.

12) Craft flower photos from cupcake wrappers and a simple wooden frame.

13) Make a watermelon suncatcher using hair gel and food colouring, and hang by the window.

14) Use a rolling pin, paint and string to make rainbow prints. You could also use rubber bands instead of string to get the same effect.

15) Make paper fish with coloured paper and googly eyes.

16) Play Hop Scotch inside. You can use coloured tape to make the hopscotch board.

17) Make play dough at home

18) Bored with their toys? Then change up and let them make their own!

19) Make sock puppets and present a neighbourhood play

20) Lastly, see our other suggestions!


Words by Brooke Tasovac

Guest Contributor