We Talk Life and Instagram With a Professional Party Planner

Instagram addicted? Elleni Pearce from @partywithlenzo has dropped by CHILD to talk all things Instagram.

As the founder and director of all things fun at LENZO.com.au; Elleni’s Instagram feed is heavy with flowers, desserts, tablescapes, kids’ parties and happiness. We actually kind of want to live there.

During the week, you can find her at LENZO HQ doing anything from styling party shoots to creating mood-boards or working on their online marketing strategy. We are so happy she is letting us pick her brain!

I share images because… sharing is caring

I never leave the house without… my phone

The music I’ve got on repeat is… Trolls soundtrack (I have two little girls!)

My favourite thing to photograph is… flowers and my kids (of course).

In the morning I always… have a coffee

My dream holiday destination is… New York

I want my Instagram profile to make people feel… Happy

My favourite piece of clothing is… My Saint Laurent Bag

My current insta-ration is coming fromSincerely Jules

My favourite photo editing apps are… Just Insta!

Who would play you in a movie about your life… Julia Roberts

Fave iconic Aussie thing… The footy – Go Crows!

True or False

Instagram is my Jam: True

Fairy bread is happiness on a plate: True

Vegemite rocks: True

Pick a Side

Plane or Roadtrip: Roadtrip

Balloons or Flowers: Flowers

Cake or Kale: Cake

Puppies or Kittens: Puppies

Heels or Kicks: Heels