47 Fabulous Halloween Ideas

35 Fabulous Halloween Ideas

Keen to celebrate Halloween this year? Get creative and crafty with these fun ideas. From classic ghosts to quirky fruit inspired outfits and tasty treats.

Halloween is an annual festivity on October 31.


1. Easiest family Halloween costume ever: the classic ghost family.

2. Get fancy as a family and dress up as Alice In Wonderland, The White Rabbit and The Queen Of Hearts.

3. Super-easy costume for mum and dad: put those stripy shirts to work and dress up as burglars.

4. Get face painted with an unusual and simple stitched up look.

5. Don’t want to splash out on pumpkins? Make a pineapple jack-o-lantern.

6. Make ghost pancakes for breakfast.

7. For toddlers: baa baa black-and-white sheep.

8. Sweet no-sew pineapple costume for kids.

9. Match your kid with this pineapple costume for grown-ups.

10. Make your kid a hero in a half shell.

11. Stand out as a squid.

12. Turn the baby into a Cabbage Patch Kid.

13. Turn you kid into a slice of pizza.

14. Shred up some white sheets and make a mummy from them.

15. Do you have a little snake fanatic? Dress your kid up as Medusa!

16. Old Macdonald had a…farmer.

17. Some costumes are worth melting for – Frozen Olaf fairy.

18. Everything is awesome when you’re part of a Lego family.

19. Stick your neck out in this creative giraffe costume.


20. Quick and easy Halloween party food

21. Arrange a healthy vegie skeleton snack.

22. Make ‘mummy’ pizza for lunch.

23. Spookily delicious Ghostly lollipops

24. Always popular for everyone is pumpkin chocolate brownies

25. Trick and treat with these chocolate jack-o-lanterns.

26. Get stylish with these DIY lace pumpkins.

27. Bring the night sky indoors!

28. Add some magic to your jack-o-lanterns. 

29. Make fruit frightful.

30.Try chocolate eye ball truffles

31. Get cheesy with jack-o-lantern burgers.

32. Witch hat surprise cookies.

33. Turn your gingerbread men into skeletons.

34. Get your chocolate fix with this oozing black velvet cake.

35. Have a bat-tacular Halloween!

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Words by the CHILD Magazines Team