What to gift for a premmie baby

5 Helpful Gifts to Give Parents of Premmies

Wondering what to buy parents who are celebrating the birth of their child a little too early? Let us help you decide. 

When a premmie arrives in your life, the feeling of helplessness can be really overwhelming. It’s hard to know how to celebrate this tiny person’s arrival, especially if they are super early. So we have put together a little list of things for family and friends of premmies who want to show their love.

Parking Vouchers

It’s not exciting, it’s not cute – but you can still wrap them in some pretty wrapping paper. Coming and going from the hospital can be an expensive business! Having cash, vouchers or a prepaid credit card on you can be a huge help when you’re sleep deprived and emotions are running high.

Lulla Doll

This incredible invention mimics the heartbeat and breathing sounds of a caregiver and is super cute to snuggle. It’s basically a sleep companion. Great for premmies (when they are big enough to have something in their crib) but also really great for big siblings who are missing a hospital-bound parent. You can find one here.

Premmie Milestone Cards

We love all baby (and parent) milestone cards around here – but when hitting each milestone is so much harder for little fighters then it’s really special. These are super cute and look great in pictures, but also will help tired parents remember when these things happened and help them to celebrate. We like these ones.

A Snack-pack for Tired Parents

Hospital food is going to get old pretty quick. Lots of parents would love a food pack (with stuff you can’t get out of a vending machine). A nice loaf of bread, fruit, microwave rice packs, soup, some good quality tea and cheese will be a welcome change.

Specific Offers of Help

Offer practical help and mean it. “Let me know if I can do anything to help,” is so overused and mostly met with just a thank you. So suggest something you can do – if you have photography skills offer to come into the hospital and take some pictures, if you have a good relationship with other children in the family offer to take them out for the day. If you have a fenced back yard, offer to take their pets to your house for the week. A specific offer will more likely to be taken up than a vague one.