13 Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

10 Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

We have put together some fun Easter gift ideas for kids that come without the sugar rush.

When I was growing up, I was always fascinated with the traditions of Easter. I thought it was amazing that a fluffy and cute bunny would be hopping around houses delivering chocolate eggs. While I LOVE chocolate, I always looked forward to Easter time as my lovely Nan would always gift my sister and I a fresh new set of pyjamas or a cozy new dressing gown to keep us warm during the approaching winter season.

Here are some more fun non-chocolate gift ideas to surprise the kids with:

1. Bunny Vinyl Door Decor
Makes for a fun greeting at the bedroom door.

2. Stickers
What kid doesn’t like stickers to decorate everything in sight?

3. Bunny Pyjamas  or slippers
Cute wearing these fluffy character bunny onesies, slippers and pj’s. Just in time for the cooler weather. Featuring a good range to choose from.

4. Easter Egg Stamp Kit
This would make a great pre-Easter gift, so the kids can use the stamps to make gift wrap and decorate cards for family and friends.

5. Chick Dish
A cute spot for your treasured trinkets.

5 non-chocolate easter gifts

6. Bunch of Carrots
Leave a treat out to say thank you to the Easter bunny.

7. Moss Rabbit
A sweet little bunny would make a great centrepiece for an Easter feast.

8. Bunny Beanie
A super cute accessory to wear on the day.

9. We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes
Love this interactive children’s book. Kids can read and hunt for all the hidden Easter eggs.

10. Easter Egg Cookie Kit
Bake some Easter egg shaped cookies and decorate with icing and edible marker ink.

Words + Styling: Jenna Templeton. Updated 2019.