5 Ways to Create Hygge (Cosiness) During Story-time

Have you heard about the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hooga)? It’s basically that sense of cosiness that you feel when you’re comfortable, warm and happy.

Think fluffy socks, smelly candles, a good book and of course – a nice comfy chair or bed to curl up in. Maybe the best feeling ever – it’s actually hard to believe that there isn’t a word for this in English.

You guys know we are obsessed with books – good quality picture books are our jam around here. As are fluffy socks and smelly candles. This is why we have put together five ways you can up the anti on your reading time with the kids, and as this rain seems to be in for the long haul in Sydney right now, it’s the best time to perfect the art of hygge.

Soft furnishings are the way to go.

When setting up for a good reading session with the kids you want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible. There is no such thing as too many pillows, throw-rugs are a necessity and you better be sitting on the softest couch or bed you have. Said couch or bed should also be devoid of spiky toys.

Get the clothing right

Pyjamas straight out of the dryer are probably the ideal option, but so long as you and the kids are adorned in cosy soft fabric then you’re good to go. Extra points if you put on said outfits post bubble-bath.

Get the Good Books Out

There is nothing relaxing or comforting about reading your kids books that aren’t also enjoyable for you. You want to focus on beautiful illustrations and content that gets your kids thinking. We couldn’t recommend the Pat-a-Cake series more. They are beautiful items, sure to keep the kids entranced and specifically created for assisting early literacy at every age; which is the stepping stone to a life-time love affair with books.

All Your Senses Should Be Happy

So consider smells too; light a nice candle, stir up some hot chocolate or break out the good hand cream. That sense of comfort and wellbeing goes perfectly with simple foods and self care! Also, cheese toasties are life.

Make Your Home a Beautiful Space

Pictures on the walls and flowers in a vase can really make a space feel super cosy. These days, kids’ books are so funkily illustrated, we love that displaying them on picture rales is so on trend. Seriously, what could be more hygge than books beckoning you from a comfy corner?

How to create a hygge reading vibe with your kids - CHILD Mags Blog

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Words and Images by Barbara O’Reilly