10 Snail Mail Things Kids Will Love

9 Snail Mail Things Kids Will Love

Why not introduce your kids to the amazing handwritten world? Jenna Templeton shares some snail mail favourites to inspire you to put pen to paper.

There’s nothing better than finding a handwritten letter in the mailbox. A long time fan of all things snail mail, one of my favourite things to do on a weekend afternoon is to write letters to my pen pals around the globe. I even decorate each envelope and make its contents unique with handmade stationery and pretty collected paper ephemera included in the mix.

I was first introduced to having pen pals by my family. It was a great way to get to know and keep in contact with my cousins who lived in England. I’d get so excited when I received a new letter and enjoyed writing back just as much. Even today, snail mail is a big part of my life – I wrote a little publication about it. It’s always a fun challenge to see what I can get through the mail and it makes me so happy when I see photos of my overseas friends holding the very letter I mailed weeks ago.

Getting the kids involved with letter writing, crafting mail art and being part of the pen pal community is a great activity to explore. It can give the little ones excitement as they discover a long-lost form of communication in the days where social media rules the roost.

Here are a few tools and materials to get the kids enjoying many happy mail days ahead.

10 Snail Mail Things Kids Will Love1. Personalised Pencils

There’s nothing better than having your own personalised stationery to motivate you to write more.

2. Coloured Envelopes

Different coloured envelopes make a happy greeting to your recipient when they open up their letterbox and see a pop of colour.

3. Origami Envelope Template

This will come in handy for making your own envelopes. Use different coloured paper or pretty patterned gift wrap for envelope making.

4. Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh

Snail mail is about spreading love through handmade surprises sent by post.

5. Washi Tape Set

One of my favourite craft tools and super handy for snail mail – you can decorate your envelopes with them or use to border and seal your letter.

6. Little Mailbox

Make this sweet little mailbox to store all your mail sent by your friends and pen pals.

7. Make your own Stamp

Stamp the front of your envelope and use the centre to write your pen pal’s postage address.

8. Circle Stickers

I love using these to decorate my mail. You can find them at  a newsagent or large store as coloured dots. When heaps are used, it looks like a polka dot pattern – such a happy print. Or look at little sticker sheets.

9. Stationary ideas

Everything you need to send a letter to your pen friend. You can find writing sheets, postcards, envelopes, stickers and more here.

Still-Life Styling by Jenna Templeton