8 tips to provide a positive start for your kindergarten child

Wondering if your child is ready to start their early childhood education journey in a kindergarten program?

One of the first formal learning environments is normally a kindergarten, which may or may not be linked with childcare. A kindergarten program is a planned educational curriculum that looks at a child’s stage of development and then constructs a program to develop those skills as the child grows and matures. Language development, fine and gross motor development, learning about differences in people and cultures, setting routines, learning to listen and share with others as well as learning to express themselves creatively are important aspects of a kindergarten program.

Tips to provide a positive start for your child:

  • Be a parent, not a best friend. This means setting expectations and being consistent.
  • Set regular routines and family rules. Bedtime and mealtime are good places to start.
  • Read regularly to your child from a young age.
  • Provide opportunities to mix with other children. This may start with playgroup and might later include music, library visits, gym or swimming.
  • Provide a wide range of experiences for your child and explain things that they see. This helps with understanding and language development. It doesn’t have to involve great expense!
  • Don’t jump in and solve a problem for a child. Let them try first and perhaps suggest things to them, depending on age. Positive comments, smiles and praise work really well when a child achieves a new milestone. (But don’t go overboard!)
  • As children grow older, encourage them to explain what they are doing or thinking. Using their language is really important and will probably lead to fewer physical reactions like hitting or biting.
  • Always provide some quality ‘cuddle time’.