Are you about to purchase a new child car seat? You can help with important research.

Join the NeuRA research study if you live near Sydney and get $100 cash back!

The NeuRA child car seat study is a research study looking at the factors that help or hinder proper child car seat use.

Recent research indicates that 50% of car seats have errors in how they are used. Through this study, NeuRA aims to identify ways to reduce the high level of errors in car seat usage and reduce the risk of injuries in children in the event of a crash.

Who can take part?

NeuRA is looking for Sydney area parents who are planning to purchase a new child car seat and want to help all children in Australia travel as safely as possible. You do need to live within 2 hours of Sydney, have a current driver’s license and be one of the child’s primary carers. The two seats in the study are the Britax Compaq for 0-4-year-olds or the Britax Maxi Guard Pro for 6 months-8 years.

What’s involved?

  • You talk on the phone to a researcher and check if you are eligible.
  • You purchase the car seat online through a secure and encrypted payment website via NeuRA (E-way).
  • They will deliver the car seat to you within 5 working days, along with some study materials.
  • They then leave you to use your car seat for 6 months.
  • After 6 months, NeuRA researchers will get in touch and arrange a home visit at a time that suits you. They will do a safety check of the car seat, and do a quick survey. They will give you feedback if anything could be done more safely. The home visit takes about one hour.

That’s it! After the home visit, they will notify E-way, and you will get a refund of $100 to the account or credit card you used to purchase the car seat.

For more information: NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia)

To register to take part in this study, or just to find out more about it, you can do any of the following:

  1. Call a member of our research team on 9399 1234
  2. Text “car seat study” to 0488 824611 and we will call you
  3. Email