Australian and New Zealand Schools Triumph in Global Literacy Competition:

Word Mania, an exciting online literacy competition by LiteracyPlanet, has announced its winners from Australia and New Zealand. These young students showcased exceptional word-building skills, competing against 78 other countries across different grade levels from Year 1 to Year 9. The combined prize pool of up to $200,000 was divided among the winners from these regions.

In this captivating and free competition, participants had three minutes to create as many words as possible using 15 randomly generated letter tiles. The students demonstrated quick thinking and strategic manoeuvring as they rearranged the tiles on the word panel to construct and expand words before time ran out.

The competition generated tremendous enthusiasm, with students dedicating a staggering 7 million minutes to gameplay. They built an impressive total of 52,471,796 words across 2,445,953 games played. A remarkable 132,907 students from 1,817 schools worldwide engaged in Word Mania.

The young competitors impressed with their exceptional vocabulary exploration, creating extraordinary words like “electroencephalographs” and “internationalisations.”

Hazel Glen College in Victoria achieved a notable accomplishment, securing an impressive 3rd place in Year 2 for the ANZ region. A student from the winning class expressed their pride and joy, stating, “I am proud of where my school finished. I am proud of my effort and score. I feel happy I can play it at school and home. Love it.” Such sentiments demonstrate the positive impact Word Mania has on students, fostering a sense of achievement and enthusiasm for learning.

The competition also witnessed remarkable achievements in terms of scores. The highest point score achieved in a single game was an astonishing 51,254.

Taking first place in the ANZ region for Year 4 is Australian Christian College in Moreton, QLD. James Martin, a student from the winning class, shared his excitement, saying, “Yes, it’s fun! You can verse your friends, and you get to learn words.”The enthusiasm and enjoyment experienced by students were echoed by Kaylee Frey, who exclaimed, “Sometimes Word Mania is even better than the teacher.”

Sarah Rowan, Head of Primary, expressed her immense pride in the students’ achievements, stating, “I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved, and that they’re able to do word work in a fun way with Word Mania. Our students love it, and we were so excited when we found out that our Year 4s won again.”

Additionally, the competition celebrated the creativity and originality of the participants. Students unleashed their imagination by inventing words that dazzled the judges. Words like “blissfulize,” “quixotically,” and “zephyrific” showcased their linguistic ingenuity, leaving the judges in awe.

These outstanding accomplishments highlight the impact of Word Mania, not only in improving English literacy skills but also fostering teamwork, creativity, and a love for language among young learners. The competition serves as a testament to the dedication and talent of students in Australia and New Zealand, inspiring them to continue their journey of linguistic exploration and word mastery.


  • YEAR 1: Maranatha Christian School – Endeavour Hills, Victoria
  • YEAR 2: Richard Johnson Anglican School – Oakhurst, NSW
  • YEAR 2: Hazel Glen College – Placing 3rd and 7th in YEAR 1 – Doreen, VIC
  • YEAR 3: St. Paul’s Primary School – Mount Lawley, WA
  • YEAR 4: Australian Christian College – Moreton, QLD
  • YEAR 5: Peregian Springs State School – Peregian Springs, QLD
  • YEAR 6: Waverley Christian College – Wantirna South, VIC
  • YEAR 7: Paraparaumu Beach School – Paraparaumu, New Zealand
  • YEAR 8: Caringbah High – Caringbah, NSW
  • YEAR 9: Glenmore Park High School – Penrith, New South Wales

Winners from across the globe are on display via: Meet the Word Building Superstars 

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