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Australian schools are starting to provide food, but we need to think carefully before we ‘ditch the lunchbox’, report Brittany Johnson, Alexandra Manson and Rebecca Golley State Liberal leader Matthew Guy has promised a trial to provide free lunches in Victorian public schools if elected...

‘There’s a lot of places where you can’t be seen’.  Social worker Ben Arnold Lohmeyer looks at when and where bullying can happen. Content warning: this article contains explicit language. School bullying is a huge and distressing problem. In 2015, 43% of Australian year 8 students experienced...

Social Worker, Priscilla Dunk-West gives some practical advice for parents. In Australia, around 21,000 divorces involving children occur annually. Separation and divorce can be an emotionally exhausting and difficult time, something which is recognised by the Family Court of Australia, which provides resources to assist people...

A push to raise the school starting age to 6 sounds like good news for parents, write Amanda Niland and Marianne Fenech. But there’s a catch The decision about whether to send a child to school “early” or “hold them back” can be a tortuous one...

Here’s how to protect the kids’ mental health, writes Rachael Sharman There’s an annual underground phenomena happening right now around Australia: couples who have decided to separate, but are putting on a happy face to perform their final Christmas as an intact family. January is known...

 And that has a downside says researchers Mark Wooden, Esperanza Vera-Toscano  and Inga Lass Data from the HILDA (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) Survey released recently show the proportion of Australians working “most hours” from home jumped from around 6% before the pandemic to...

At a press conference recently, paralympian Dylan Alcott recalled the pain of being a child with a disability. He said he missed out on childhood friends, writes David Armstrong “I had no friends when I was five,” the Australian of the Year told reporters. “I even...

Labour induction  rates have significantly increased over the past decade, from 25 to 35 per cent in Australia alone. Melbourne researchers have found that one of two common methods to induce labour is safer for babies, although both were as safe for the mother and neither...

 From nausea to constipation and farting, Vincent Ho and Kate Levett look at what's going on in a mums gut after baby's birth It’s two weeks after the birth of your healthy bub and you notice your gut isn’t feeling quite right. Maybe you feel a bit...

Holding a conversation, working in a group, giving constructive feedback and dealing with conflict are vital interpersonal skills that contribute to an empowered and connected life, reports Dr Matthew Harrison While some people seem to acquire these skills effortlessly, others facing social challenges can require additional...