Biscuit Decorating ideas for kids

Biscuit/Cookie/Cupcake Decorating ideas

Let the children develop their creativity by using icing to decorate biscuits, cookies or cupcakes.

Decorating is easy with powdered/icing sugar – or roll out some edible play dough and cut out decorative shapes. You can ‘glue’ these to your biscuits using jam, jelly or peanut butter.

Here are some educational decorating ideas you can use.

  • For an art project decorate ‘in the style’ of an artist. Try the earthy colours of Australian indigenous art, or the strong colours of Pop art.
  • Use egg shaped biscuits and colourful icing for Easter eggs.
  • Cut Autumn leaf shaped biscuits and use autumn colours.
  • Use gingerbread men as historic figures, Mythical gods, vikings, knights, spacemen etc.
  • Winter – snowflakes, xmas trees, snowmen, stockings, bells, stars, mittens.
  • Summer – icecreams, bucket and spades.
  • Valentine hearts.
  • Draw numbers on the cookies and use them to make sums, or use letters to make words.
  • Make ‘portraits’ of people and animals.
  • Spring flowers, ladybugs, animals, Easter chicks, bunnies, eggs.

Making your own dough and using shaped cookie cutters makes this a special decoration project.