CBeebies Bedtime Stories a great idea in lockdown

As any lock-down parent knows by the end of the home schooling day, reading to a child a story, can become a real chore.  BBC children’s channel Cbees have produced a great line up of well known stars for their CBeebies Bedtime Stories.

So if you are looking for a change to your bedtime/ anytime regime, you can find some of the stories are available on YouTube but others are under copyright and not easily available in Australia.

Some of the well known readers are:

  • Johnny Depp – the King’s Problem.
  • Mel Gibson – Spirit Week Showdown
  • Isla Fisher – A Big Day for Migs
  • Tom Hardy – There’s a Bear on my Chair
  • Isla Fisher – It Takes Two to Twit Twoo
  • Joaquin Phoenix – Five Little Monkeys

Suitable for ages 2-7 years.

Image: Tom Hiddleston reads Supertato.