DIY: Bubble Blower

DIY: Bubble Blower

Bubbles will always be a favourite activity for kids – no matter their age. So learn how to make your own bubble blower using these quick steps!

You’ll Need:
Stiff, but bendable wire, such as thin fencing wire
Pliers to cut the wire
Bubble mix, poured into a shallow dish – (we like this recipe!)

How to make a bubble blower

Note: Adult assistance will be required as the ends of wire can be sharp and dangerous for kids to handle.

You are going to use the wire to construct some three-dimensional frames. This won’t be easy, but use the images on the page to guide you. Use the pliers to help bend the wire, and to cut the wire where necessary.

You can make a cube, pyramid, rectangular prism or whatever shape you can dream of!

Dip the wire frame into a bubble mix. You’ll be surprised at the soap films that are produced. Each frame will consistently produce the same patterns. This is because the tension in the soap film will act to produce the lowest surface area each time.

Can you blow on the film to produce some bubbles? Have you ever wondered why bubbles are spheres? It’s because a sphere is the shape that has the largest volume for a given surface area.

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Words by Jacob Strickling

Guest Contributor