diy cat ear headband

DIY Cat Ear Headband

Meow! Get feline friendly with this cat-themed headpiece.

You’ll need:

Black headband
2 x black pipe cleaners
Sticker gems or diamantes
Glue gun and glue

How to make a cat ear headband

Heat up the glue gun but be careful not to burn your mitts!

Curve pipe cleaners to look like cat ears.

Measure the size you would like them against the headband. Cut end if you wish to make them smaller.

Dab spots of hot glue to the left and right sides of the headband where you want to place the ears.

Glue and secure pipe cleaner ears to sides of the headband.

Allow to dry before decorating the front of the cat ears with sticker gems or diamantes. DIY: Cat Ears Headpiece on www.childmagsblog.comSimple masquerade masks are instant costume creators. It’s extra sweet when paired with a cat ear headband.

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Jade Warne, 34, lives in Sydney, NSW, and is mum to Valentine, 1, and Winifred, 7. Jade is the editor and producer behind parenting and lifestyle blog Hipster Mum and owns her own photography biz. You can find her work via her wonderful blog or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

With big thanks to Eden, 11, Kate and Ashley

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