DIY Sequin Flags

DIY Sequin Flags

Learn how to make these gold sequin flags for little ones to use at a party or wedding.


A4 paper
Sewing needle and cotton thread
Sewing pins
Fabric scissors
Gold sequin ribbon, 45cm
3 gold and white ribbons, 30cm each
Wooden dowel 300mm x 6.35mm (approximate size)

How to make

Draw a triangle on paper, about 15cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Cut out and use this as your template.

Place template on calico and trace around it, so when you remove the template you have the shape of a triangle penciled on your calico.

Flip template over so it mirrors the triangle you have just drawn, and repeat the above step – it will look like a squashed diamond (see image below). Cut out your diamond with fabric scissors. DIY: Sequin Flag on the

Fold in half to create a triangle, with the point on the the right-hand side.

DIY: Sequin Flag on the

Draw the first letter of your child’s name in the middle.

DIY: Sequin Flag on the

Unfold the triangle and sew sequin ribbon on top of the letter you have drawn with a simple running stitch, being sure to sew each sequin individually to make sure it’s secure.

DIY: Sequin Flag on the

Place dowel in the middle of the diamond. Fold in half with sequin side face-up. Secure pins around all sides of the flag.

DIY: Sequin Flag on the

Sew around sides with a running stitch, removing the pins as you go. Tie gold and white ribbon to the dowel under the flag for an extra bit of decoration.

Project + Images by Jenna Templeton