Get on your bike and to a new Sydney city bike experience for kids

Kids of all ages can enjoy time outdoors this spring at the City of Sydney’s award-winning bike track at Sydney Park.

Awarded gold in the DRIVENxDESIGN 2020 Sydney Design Awards, the Alexandria bike track features twists, turns and challenges that help city kids learn safe riding skills.

Sydney park trackAs well as hills, bridges and tunnels, the track is home to a bike pump and play refuelling station and shop.

Nearby barbecue facilities and picnic areas encourage families to extend their visit to the park.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the popular spot is a great place for kids to expand their riding skills in an adventurous and playful way.

“We have created a fun, engaging and beautiful space for kids to master their riding skills. This track caters for learners just coming off their training wheels and more confident riders ready for a challenge,” the Lord Mayor said.

sydney-park-playshopThe new-look bike track won the landscape design award category, which celebrates creativity and innovation in the use of practical, aesthetic, horticultural and environmentally sustainable components.

: watch bike park video 

“The City of Sydney wholeheartedly sought the public’s opinion, and through community consultation gauged the essential requirements and desires of the community. This adventure-style bike track moves away from the conventional bike track layout and shifts the focus towards play and learning to ride,” said Scott Ibbotson, Project Director at Turf Design.

The Sydney Park children’s bike track is next to the Sydney Park Cycling Centre and a shaded learn-to-ride area where kids take part in clinics and courses.

The bike track also sits alongside an exciting new skate park due to open later this year. The new space features a skate plaza, beginner bowl and large flow bowl for skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes.

Main Image: Chris Southwood City of Sydney